Friday, May 05, 2006

Da Vinci

I have a guilty pleasure..I enjoy playing riddle games and puzzles..I've been playing Google's Da Vinci Code game for the past couple of days..Its based on the book and it takes you through challenges and riddles. You can add it to your Google Homepage and play it from there! Well the weekend is finally here (see Wednesday's post) and I'm exhausted. I gave blood yesterday because I wanted the $10 Publix gift-card. I know that's not a good reason to give blood but we all have our motives, let this be mine. The nurse tech that assisted me was this burly man with a thick accent. I had to decipher what he was talking about when he was asking me questions. Luckily I went to Andrews University for 4 yrs and was able to pick up on his island accent. He was a cool cat, I don't remember his name but he took life from me to help others in need. I know how noble of me but remember I did it for food. Which brings me to my next question, I think I read somewhere that we have 10 pints of blood in us.. I mean that's a lot of blood but when you put in a bag, it doesn't look like that much..granted I don't want to ever really see how much 10 pints is..because I think I would pass out! ok well I'm off..I'm make sure to at least change the music on here for those that like listening to my blog for my music..


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