Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Manny, papi chulo, Big Papi

The Red Sox's lost tonight in a thrilling game. I suppose that could sum up the game. Though I would say that sitting on 9 row up on the 3rd baseline was the proverbial bomb! I saw manny scratch his junk to which hol could only say "I guess that is a guy thing!!".
I predicted a Manny home run and Hol's dad was able to steal the 3rd base coach stealing motion...hol was quite impressed. This day was pretty cool...random observations from Toronto.
  • There is a large number of crazy looking people here, crazy hair, accents, and clothes..I like it.
  • Public transportation is really well organized, stuff shows up on time and gets you there when it say it would.
  • A veggie dog from a hot dog vender on the street is the only way to really eat a hot dog..there better than then the real thing!
  • I love Canadian malls..so much more shoe selection...you all I know how much I love shoes!
  • I'm addicted to White! I bought a white sports coat, I don't even plan on wearing until after labor day..what!
  • Chinese buffets are nicer in Toronto..
  • Pollution is worse in Toronto
  • I won a free game in the Super 7 lotto, I didn't even know how to play!?!?
  • Filipino weddings are the da s$*t..so much food.. so much drink...yeah...anyways.

here are some pictures from today at the game...well just mostly of hol and me..


jessica said...

did you wear paper towels under your hat to support manny?

Les said...

hahahha,i tried but they had cheap ones that would just tear away..

Michele said...

what did I say about white being so in this season? especially in mens' lines. thankyouverymuch. I'm bringing back Fashion Thursdays.

rolls royce said...

Chinese buffets can only get better because they totally suck here in the states....

Oh yeah... White is da s%@t. You can wear it with so much.... Peace out PIMP!!!!!!!!