Monday, May 22, 2006

“But I like the cookie”

Ok I know I’ve said on many occasion that I hate watching cartoons at the theater but last night I went to go see Over the Hedge and it was hilarious!! Kendra I hope you used your free passes to see it! I kept on laughing at Eugene Levy’s voice and Steve Carell character, an overly hyper-active squirrel! (Holly would have loved that).

Oh before I forget, Jess decided that she was going to conquer wildlife this weekend. She chased two ducks around and then proceeded to try to pet a crazy squirrel!!! It was a tame squirrel that had been fed by people so it wasn’t afraid of human, Holly was right!, and it looked like it was going to jump on Jessica. I really think that would have been the funniest thing in the world if Jess would have been attacked by a crazy squirrel! The thought almost makes me want to laugh out loud at work!

Well I have 3 days left in the US. I’m going to Toronto for memorial day weekend, how un American of me! However I will be partaking in a American pastime, baseball. We are set to go to a Blue Jay’s- Red Sox’s game! I can’t wait.

Ok this is really boring..
Sorry, I guess I’m just boring.


The Whaling Wall said...

haha... your not boring, les...

but it does sound like you are in loooooove ;-)

have a great time in canada. post some pics for us, will ya?

Kendra said...

no, didn't see the movie. i told them not to even send the tickets b/c the only time i could use them was 10am on a saturday morning and that's when i'm in church. yeah, i know i missed out but God will bless me for doing the right thing... right??

jessica said...

haha....that squirrel freaked me out. and i'm practically dr. dolittle. i mean.....he looked me right in the eye, and practically jumped onto my shoulder. weirdo.