Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where is (:)

The question has been plaguing civilizations for centuries. Who is Colon? I suppose I myself wonder that sometimes. She is something out of a book, like the many books she reads, perhaps a hobbit, or a young lady wizard fighting off her demons?? I fret, though I do wonder if she still walks among us? I haven’t seen her in perhaps 2 weeks, where have you gone Colon? I doubt Hogwarts has admitted you to there school, there’s no way the shire needs your help, and I know the Gilmore girls are on hiatus for the time being, so where are you? You were like a whisper in the night that was lost once the wolves howled at the full moon.

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jessica said...

a young lady wizard fighting off my demons..perhaps my favorite description of me ever. demons..of which there are many. actually i was taking a bubble bath with the lights dimmed, while simultaneously watching gilmore girls on my laptop and drinking a "full pour" of white i guess i was right where you left me.