Saturday, January 07, 2006

Take me to Chicago

SO I'm here at the windy city and its really flipping cold, I mean I got out to the arrivals area and I contemplated getting back on the plane and just saying peace out guys come and see me, but I didn't this trip did allow me to experience a very interesting trip. I couldn't help but notice that SouthWest has hired comedian as steward's on there flights now and as well as there pilots. At one point during the safety portion of our flight I was looking around for camera crews to see if I was on a comedy central bit! It was during this flight I saw a uber sexual, he had horrible dye job and he painted his toes, though I doubt he was gay because no respectable gay man would leave the house wearing Teva's!! My moment of un-cool came when we took off and as we ascended to 10000 ft the comedian Steward announced that we could use our phones but only in flight mode...what the hell does flight mode mean and I how do I get it. I really need to get a Ipod or some kind of cool handheld. I really need to add some more pictures..

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