Thursday, January 05, 2006


Justin seems to have the most uncomfortable situations to man. I mean you should read his blog, its really funny because its sincere and sometimes down right true.
anyways I had a this random "guy" and not he was not that "guy" just a guy.AHHHH, so I was walking back to my car for my ID badge when the fore mentioned came up to me to talk to me about how he found two scratch off tickets. Supposedly one of them was a winner,$200 bucks he said as I stared at him wondering why he was telling me. I could get over the fact that I thought he was going to jump but he'd be surprised to find out that I was willing to kick some ass, I actually thought in my head what would happen if he did try to come after me? However it being a imaginary confrontation, it never happened. He just wanted me to know that he found a scratch off ticket. WTF?

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