Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So yesterday as i was recovering from the long drive from Chicago, bakes says to me that Dave thought he saw Mark Cook on the today show!!? Bakes gets on the i-book and sure enough there he is.

I couldn't hear what he said but from what i gathered from his facial expressions he seemed really content with what he was saying and more importantly what they where talking about: Wives who make more money than there husbands. Thats all i'm going to say about that.

So on another note, i read a blog that i had neglected paying attention to for some time. Big mistake though i have to say that reading it now made for more pleasurable reading because i had so much more to read..Yeah, i'm talking about Mandy's blog.Geez, nosy aren't we!
Can i just say that i've seen 3 individuals on national tv that i had some kind of relationship with.
Damien P. on MTV- he was the out spoken black guy at our small private college.
Michele K. on Regis and Kelly-she was my college girlfriend.
Mark C. on Today- I knew him from my Junior High days, he made funny of me once, well it was a gag. He had this recording of someone taking a huge dump and he played while i was in the guys big deal.

oh before i go i just wanted to comment on the Jolie and Pitt baby. I think that child will come out looking way better then the Aniston and Vaughn baby.. I'm just saying it thats all, you are all thinking it..

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jessica said...

how about my personal favorite, Mark Tavenner on "While You Were Out"??
just when you think it's safe to watch TLC.....