Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sick as a Dog!

For some reason I'm fighting a cold right now, yes, even in the warmth of Orlando people get colds! I think I got it when I was helping Jess out of the girls apartment. It was really hot and I had to take off my only did I get sick I also hurt my hand. No,really I did!
See that picture on the left, that the inch cut I got from carrying down susie's damn couch again! Yes, yes, please hold your poor les he's just get hurt all the time. Anyways I'm on my last couple of days as a employee of this fine establishment unless I get a job that actually pays me which from past experiences interviewing here would lead me to believe that I won't be getting such an offer. Moving on, as I was at Bethany's house warming party..I couldn't help but notice that one of her guest was Indian, Indian from India, and when she introduced him to us she said his name was and I quote "Hey everyone this is my friend, Nadashit." Excuse me? did you say "Nadashit?" why yes his name is "N*A*D*A*S*H*I*T" I know this is mean but hey sometimes we're all mean. Not only did this friend have to live with the fact that he was short and hairy but also his name was well, pardon the pun, shitty. Ok I'm having a hard time breathing so I'm going to blow my nose. I leave you with some historic visuals. Be assured this will never happen again!!


Michele said...

Wow, Jessica's hair is so long! I love it!

jessica said...

oh my god. take that down immediately. i think i might have some pictures of ivana somewhere...okay i'm off to look.