Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Long Hiatus

I really don't like staying away too long from posting because then i forget why i was posting/blogging in the first place. So anyways I just returned from Jupiter....florida. It was a nice calm vacation from the city that is called Orlando. I ate healthy and laid by the pool mostly everyday. I don't like the sun that much which is a problem in Sunny florida but i deal with it. I can say that i wouldn't mind being retired one day and thats all i'll say about that. Well I was away from a computer for most of my time down there which would explain why there are no recent post. I should have some pictures soon but not till i get the Cd. Its been sorta of a sullen time for me. My girlfriend is leaving this saturday to return to her native land, Canada. Tomorrow night will be our last night together until, well i don't know when?? It doesn't seem right for her to be leaving after all the trouble we went through to just to her to move here in the first place! I guess you could say i'm in disbelief and utterly heartbroken. Theres no other way to explain it. My partner in crime is leaving and i feel horrible. Anyways i'm sure i'll write more about it later so i don't want to bog this entry down.

Its funny i was going to write about my little experiences with old people but i don't feel up to it anymore..
perhaps another day, i'm too sad today.

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