Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm still here

Back to the grind is the tale of today. So supposedly I was finished working here but I guess I can’t bring myself to leave because I find myself here this morning doing this. Blogging, very interesting don’t you think? I’m at work but I’m not really at work. Yes! Anyways it’s odd being back in Orlando. I think I was gone so long (a week) that I forgotten what it was like to be here. I know, it ridiculous to say that but I guess after the holidays there’s that let down of reality. It happens to me every year. I’m afraid to say right now that I don’t think anyone really reads my entries. I went from a mildly successful arena if you will, Friendster blog site, to an unassuming one here at blogspot. Man I wish I could get some cool goodies for plugging sites. On a side note I’m not sure if anyone took notice that I attempted to market a t-shirt idea but my “where’s Osama” t-shirt isn’t getting the praise I was hoping for?? WtF!! The trend, according to people who say what trends are, I consumer based t-shirts; in other words t-shirt slogans, ideas submitted by you and me. So now they will not only charge you for your idea but also make money off it too!

Hmmm, so I haven’t talked about my New Year resolutions for 2006. I think I’m scared to profess them because then I’ll have to actually admit some faults. Oh well, resolution #1) lose some weight. Its lame but I feel I should get back to my old self. #2) start my career. I really need to start making some money. #3) be a better person, many variable involved perhaps the hardest one on the list.

Ok that’s all I can publish without being a total poser. 11:06 in the Am 2006...i’m out.

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