Thursday, January 26, 2006

To sit or not to sit?

I would just like to say that I've been reading the wrong magazine for the past two years. Those more inclined to reading of books will look down at me for just reading magazines, I say to you: "give me a book with pictures and I'll find a desire to read it". Anyways a little while ago I mentioned that perhaps Details wasn't as hetero as I thought, case in point, today as sat on my natural chair I was reading about how there is a wave of men sitting down to pee. Stop right there! This ladies and gentlemen is not a movement. Please, I was doing this for as long as I could remember and my motives weren't those of causing a metro movement but because of those unfortunate accidents in the morning where my body defies gravity, I don't have time for that! I think the editor thought wow this is a good way to show our readers that perhaps this magazine is for hetero's because we're saying that the way you pee defines what kind of man you are(however the writer goes on to say that its ok to sit down when you pee). People who look to others to define them are fools, and if you think that just because I sit down and pee I'm less of a man..Then you're a damn fool too. I just sit down because I'm going to do a Deuce and I might as well just stay down there for that too.

~Les can't stop reading Details because the pictures are so captivating and the numerous Cologne strips he gets to smell!!

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