Friday, August 04, 2006

IS there someone out there that can interpret dreams? Not like reading into cards or anything like that, but a professional that can offer some advice to person seeking help understanding why his mind is playing tricks on him. It’s just a thought. So moving on,
We ventured into yet another low, we watched John Tucker Must Die last night, not to be confused by Confederate Zombie Killers starring James Tucker. I know most of you are rolling your eyes but the few that are eagerly awaiting my thoughts about this movie well here it is. If you were a guy you’d enjoy this movie only because of the gorgeous women in the movie and if you were a girl watching this movie you’d only enjoy it because you see that guy from desperate housewives, and passions take off his shorts and shirt.

Update, my No Eating out at Restaurants (gosh I have to find a better name for this) experiment is working out well. I haven’t gone out to eat this week. I can tell there’s a difference after a week. I’ll post some pictures by week 3.

I had an interesting conversation via Google Talk yesterday, I find it refreshing that even after (2+3, carry the 1, minus that bad semester) 7yrs of knowing them its good to be surprised, however this person tends to be able to figure me out after a few trial and errors…unfortunately for them, I’ve paid attention to them the past 7yrs to be able to figure them out too!

So I decided I’ll take up the offer from my mom & sis to spend a couple of days with them in Chicago at the end of August. Some of you have no idea about what’s been going on but there was a fall-out between me and mom. I think this will be first step towards normalcy for us.

I’d like to thank the ladies (EB, Kendra) for responding to my open question regarding friendship between men & women. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks that. (see my comments section from my previous post)

I want to start making my t-shirts, I don’t know if I mentioned that before but I’m seriously thinking it can be a great idea to get some of my thoughts on cloth, ha ha.
That’s right; cloth is the old, new papyrus. Like black is the new white!

In closing: During my conversation on Google Talk© (hoping for some kind of residual from that) the topic or perhaps it was statement, that not enough people are “brutally honest with each other” came out. Is that true? Do we bullshit our friends to only have someone else break the news to them? Are we incapable of telling someone we love/care what we really think about them?

Hold that thought.


Kendra said...

two thoughts...

1. glad to hear the no eating out thing is going so well!! good for you!! it will pay off. on the other hand, i have eaten chipotle like every other day this week. one day i even had it twice. i'm sooo addicted.

2. i'm a pretty honest friend. i don't tell my friends what they want to hear to make them feel better. i may try to slightly sugar coat it, but i live in reality and try to make everyone else live reality with me. no dreamland here people!!

oh, whats the hold that thought?? i don't want to!! i have no patience!!

have a great weekend!!

Erin said...

i am an honest friend. that is probably why i have so few. it gets me into trouble. for instance, telling my married female friends that i don't like hanging out with them because they have become married pastor-wife drones is offensive to them. some people are so sensitive.

my lack of friends may also have much to do with my sarcasm... hm.

Kendra said...

i have to tell you that i had a mango mojito last night and it was really yummy. the mango didn't over power it, and you could still taste the fresh mint. it was more like a hint of mango.