Thursday, August 17, 2006

a short passage..

She clinches to the sleeves of that old tattered sweatshirt, a sweat-shirt that has seen better days, it’s oversized and hides her small frame. Her matching pants adorn this broken woman, it’s an outfit of defeat. The battles of wills have long been decided. His things have been packed and all collected for him. She’s placed them nicely at the entrance of the apartment. No need for him to come in and sit down, everything that was suppose to be said has been yelled and screamed, she has no more words for him. If only she could keep it all in, her eyes can’t lie as well as the rest of her. He manages to say a few things, words that will be forgotten or distorted in days to come. The tears stream slowly down his cheeks and as he looks at her for perhaps one last time he sees her eyes are bright green, he always said she had beautiful eyes even when being drowned by tears and just like that, it’s over. Years of joy, hurt, love, and pain have ended, at least with him. He was an example of all emotions realized. She was neither complete with him nor empty without him. She loved him but she won’t miss him.

Her phone rings, she picks it up but doesn't answer it, as she walks towards the door she places it down on the table. She won’t be answering to anyone, not for a while at least. As her dried tears are all but gone from her rosy cheeks, a sigh of freedom can be heard. She grabs her keys and as she closes the door behind her she catches her reflection off the hallway mirror, and she see herself smiling.

(Playing in the background)

She holds a key
Tight in her hand
Clutching his neck
She is begging her man
Listen you sinner
I'm sinning too
Just wait until the darkness falls so I can sin with you

dooo do do do do dooo....

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