Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its interesting what pictures can do to conjure up odd thoughts. Like was the model behind the this ass shot happy about hold some cheeks? Also do those hands belong to a man or woman. I'll tell you what I think, I mean you really want to know otherwise why the hell would be reading this right now. I think that it doesn't really matter, I'd love to be the guy getting his cheeks grabbed. Yeah, I said it deal with it. If that ain't sexy then I don't know what is!

I think Jessica is stalking me...don't believe me? Take a look!

and again here!

I .....I think she might be after my black card. Its exclusive to only cool people!!

In closing, I wouldn't mind trying that Mango Mojito.


jessica said...

am i stalking you? or are you pretending to take pictures of yourself as an excuse to really take pictures of me? you be the judge.

and hello, i need to drink more of that venti latte, i look pretty pissed. it was early.

Kendra said...

thats awesome. and then when you read her posts about night swimming... it all makes sense now.

go ahead and get yourself a mango mojito!! you frickin' deserve it!!

Erin said...

the second picture totally looks like she's pretending to look away really quick. haha. stalker