Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh I'm ready for it...

What an interesting weekend of laziness! Wow, what a way to begin…I did nothing all weekend and yet I feel like I got hit by a semi this morning. I’m drinking Pepsi at 10:14am because I might must keel over and sleep at my desk. Anyways things of interest from the weekend :

1) Went go-karting. Funniest thing that happen was watching Jessica spin out and then get t-boned by some kid. That evening just justified me saying that she is perhaps the worst driver if I’ve ever known.
2) Old people aren’t so bad after all. I spent a small part of my Saturday afternoon at the pool talking to my next neighbor about nothing. I see him every morning outside of his garage. Always staring and judging us; somehow at the pool he seems ok. I probably won’t be talking to him outside of the pool.
3) I went to go see Snakes on a Plane. IT was everything I thought It would be…however, yes there is a however it does have an awesome headlining song by the group Cobra StarShip. You should check it out.
4) I love Limewire.
5) Some girl from my junior high days just messaged me on Myspace???? Very odd!

Something to ponder
Money can't buy happiness, but neither can poverty.
- Leo Rosten
Ok..thats all for this dreadful Monday morning…

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trisha said...

"T-boned"??? Am I the ONLY one laughing at this?? Sounds so gross. . .