Tuesday, April 18, 2006


As you're leaving, the stone cold harden truth hits me like a fool. The realization of my faults falls heavy on my soul. With the lights out and the tears dry, my emotions have gone array, doesn't seem right to be here, as your almost gone. Turn around, you crippled heart, i've done nothing but do you harm. Creeping up like a thief, i'm guilty of stealing time and perhaps even love. Can't seem to look you in the eye, can't deny what i know what was a lie. As your leaving through the door had a feeling but its not there anymore, wanna tell you i was wrong but its too late for amor.Now we're strangers in a crowd,with forced cold "hey's" as we pass. Wouldn't know that you could laugh,I wouldn't know you if you could smile. Here I go on this unlucky path,tryin to look through you in the past. You linger on my mind, cuz you got that thing that makes you last.A change comes on my eyes and can't seem to mumble my goodbyes. Now that i'm dreamin once again, staring at the walls tryin to filter the outer calls. The dumbing of love that brings you down to the simplest form of being, a crazy man.Will it matter, I don't know. What a waste with nothing to show, better stop now cuz if i don't i might just hear you say "go"!

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