Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And then you go ahead and redeem yourself

The prospects of Holly coming back are looking more promising then ever. She actually got all her paperwork done and paid the lawyers, so basically now we wait. I say we, because this effects me as much as her. Though my interest in the outcome aren't financial I would say my emotional durability out price the mere notion of money. Its really interesting how much you can care for someone. I mean if you read my previous blog you could sense that there was remorse and genuine feelings. I think its so amazing that strangers can become inseparable if given the right amount of time to get to know each other. I always like to point out to holly how I remember things about her before we got together. Reminiscing is so much fun...I mean its actually crazy that I met holly while I was visiting my girlfriend at the time in Toronto like 7 years ago...then a couple of years later (2) I remember flirting with holly down in the student activities center, I remember saying to her that I was Lester and not her boyfriend at the time who everyone thinks we look alike but we freaking don't (I'm like 5 inches taller than him!!)...In a thousand years I would of never imagined that I would love someone like I love Holly. I think its just soo awesome that I can meet someone that puts up with my antics and can still say I love you les at the end of the night. I have the best woman in my life, though others will and might say otherwise..in the end its really about me and her, isn't it. I usually don't get too excited about things since the thought of disappointment always looms over me, but I can't stop smiling about being with Holly till I'm really old, sitting on our porch reminiscing about how our story started.

"Tonight, you arrested my mind
When you came to my defense
With a knife In the shape of your mouth
In the form of your body
With the wrath of a god
Oh, you stood by me"

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Kendra said...

awww... that was really sweet lester. it's obvious how much you love her and she is a great girl!! i've always liked holly too, but not like that. hope it all works out and she's able to move back to be with you soon!!