Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Recently a friend directed me to someone's entry, it wasn't a blog persay but it was more of an open poem to this other person's heart. Well at least that what i thought other people might think. Which got me thinking, what would people think if i wrote such a poem???

I have to say that i have written crap from time to time, once in a while i write a decent one..

Take a deep breath and slowly let go, today was nothing more but a glimpse of what
tomorrow might bring. Smile away the hurt and feel that inner discomfort wash
away.I laugh to hide my pain, I swear to fight off
disappointment. There's no one left to trust. My life has been under
scrutiny with no end in sight. Pass a bottle of good memories, perhaps
i'll find answers within the pleasurable contents.
Lost love, broken promises, and uncertain futures. They cling to me
like scars that will won't heal, bleeding from recurrences that are
bound to resurface, a pain that will never subside. How do you go on
when whats ahead is something that just leaves you empty...I can't
explain it but i don't know what to feel when i see her. Anger perhaps
but more frustration. The smugness in her face, the absolute bullshit
that comes out of her mouth. The chaos that she makes me
go through! I hate that i want to see her, I hate the fact that my
life has been turned into its present state. I've got to get it
Just a couple of months and she'll be but a memory, A memory of love
never really realized.

Ok, i should of won like the saddest poem award for that one..where's my money!!!

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