Thursday, December 08, 2005

What a half day!

Today is really not a day of stress or work for that matter. I came today after 11am, I walked into the office as if I were the first one here. I go un noticed most of the time, only then things don't go as plan they come to me for help. No matter I won't be here that much longer, I don't know where I'll call work but I know it won't be here after Christmas.
On another tidbit one of my friends is drew, he's a great guy. Very conscious of everyone feelings, he remember birthday's and sees through most sinster plans of revenge or love. He's quite in tune with feelings. All the ladies love him, rightfully so, they love what they know is not available to them. He is not available in the romantic sense. I don't know where i''m going with this. A friend of mine stated that he was the last chivarlous man. She might be right, our fathers of yester year or no longer role models. We have punks with guns, or gangsta's with suits singing to us how we should treat women. Trick ass hoes b43ch, i tend not to listen as much as i laugh about it. I have a lady in my life and for the most part i treat her better than i do most people. I tend to endure more criticism and grief*i would just like to say that those descriptions are meant in a way that we don't always agree* from her because i couldn't bring myself to tell her to shut the hell up and she was a crazy b*%&#. I don't do that and probably never will. Even if i didn't love her i would still respect her. I know that people say you can't respect someone that doesn't respect themeselves, but i say what gives you the right to encourage them to keep on doing that. Help those that are not able to help themselves, let them deal with their consequences afterwards.
Chivarly is not dead, perhaps people caring about each other is.

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