Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This really isn't my first post

Lets just say that i've been writting on blogs before there were blogs...you dig. See the mind is a powerful thing, well especially my mind. Its like a replay of all the greatest movie scenes ever. Ok perhaps not but i'd like to think so. Right now at this very juncture it is the end of the day at a so called work place in a so called city ( i don't want to get let go of this temp job that has transformed itself into my blog job). I use to have a blog on the now defuncted Friendster Blogsite which is powered by blogspot's rival (typeP@D) and for some reason or another i just started hating having to go through friendster to post my entries. So i quit, it lasted a week if that...I've had some odd things happen lately. For one i walking out of the girls place (HJS)and stepped into some dog poop which is no big deal. I just failed to know that until i got into my car and the stench became unbearable. I thought it was there apartment complex so i started to drive off, you know a little bit faster than usual. It wasn't going away!! Then i started smelling myself because you know shit happens sometimes but it wasn't me..i stopped and got out of the car only to find that my nice shoes had shit.

ok thats all..i guess you had to be there

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jessica said...

it was probably the raccoon.