Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Carving into my Tuesday night:Un-masking my theory!

So this Tuesday night on FX, Fox's more edgy program channel, is revealing one of the most mysterious characters since that last year's Lost! Ok, sorry I don't know what I'm saying because I don't even watch Lost..anyways if you don't watch Nip/Tuck then this entry is going to just bore you, sorry. Anyways I really think the carver is, Ava! There I said it. It makes sense to me because she's half man, whole freak, besides she freaking let her adopted son kill himself. I use to think it was quentin but I think he get slashed tonight so that will throw him out of the running. The amazing thing about the identity of the Carver is that not even the cast members know who it is! Only the director and writers know! If heard some wild theories of late, mostly coming from me, haha, but if its not Ava its Matt. Reason being is: he has access to office so he can get the drug used to paralyze, he has obviously has access to his own house which let him get in to threaten Sean as well as getting into Christian condo. He wasn't at Christian wedding and Kimber went missing after that!! Damn I think I just convinced myself that its Matt! ok, seeing how I won't be watching it live don't write me or call me once you find out..

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