Monday, December 12, 2005


Ah yes, MySpace. I had heard of it before but really was not turned on by the idea of Myspace. I guess I didn't really give a chance. I found some old acquaintances that had been long lost, though I probably wouldn't contact them now either, some things never change. Anyways I suppose I should get to it. I've been writing this stranger for almost 3 weeks or maybe a month I don't remember but she's seems really cool. I mean its not like I'm looking for a girlfriend but I wrote her an email just in passing because I thought she might of been a missionary but I was way off..She was a dancer!?! At a resort. She happens to live in Durham, NC which is the home of my beloved blue devils so that really how we struck a friendship. We don't talk sports, I usually don't like talking sports to people..I mean its useless because its just reciting numbers and stats that don't mean anything. Back to Kristen, that's her name. I guess she loves to work out, like hard core! I don't know why, but I hear there's some kind of euphoric experience for those that do it long enough. I just get sick and end up throwing up...I hate being stationary doing repetitive things...please no sick jokes needed...

on another note today is my friends Justin's special day, He's turning 27..we're heading out to Healthy style buffet and then rolling some balls, bowling balls that is. I know, you're all jealous. We'll you're all invited. Sweet Tomatoes on 436 in Altamonte Springs, Fl. the fun starts at 6:30p.

Bring a gift, Justin likes Golf so anything close to that would be fine..
Yes I know Justin looks older than 27 but what do you expect when you party as hard as he does!!!

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