Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No man is an Island to Himself.

John Dunne wrote that. I think people have felt the need for solitude for longer then I can remember. I think this notion in itself goes against the grain. People want people, you see it on T.V, hear it on the radio, read it in a magazine and books too. No one really wants to be alone.
I won't lie, I have don't like being alone, the proverbial alone if you will but I can't say that I crave the desire to be surrounded by a mass of people. For instance I write on here as if no one ever reads this blog. I mean I could be right, some one might take the time to read a entry or two..but its probably because of the pictures. I mean I'm the same way. Back to the topic on hand, solitude, I think I embrace the idea because its not normal. I've been really only by myself for 5 1/2 years and then Alex was born. Then I started going to school, became friendly with other kids who then wanted to be my friends and I'm too nice not to say "no" I want to be alone! then Jr high came and I got my first girlfriend who I just wanted to be alone with! haha! yeah..High school wasn't any better and then college..well college it was impossible. I don't think its possible to be alone. NOt unless you fight your human needs which is harder then just dying( and even then you're not alone) .....
though my address might be atable41please, I always have room for one more.

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