Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I wonder if they read this..

Random picture of the day:

So many of you are at workplaces that throw Christmas parties, you know a way to let the company know that they're appreciated. I work at such a place, however I didn't get invited. I've been at this department for...lets 1+5-that week=...9 months!!! Yeah, I've been here long enough to birth a child. SO its not like I'm new. Anyways I didn't get invited and then the day of the party I get this phone call from my room mate that is going to the party asking me if I want to go because they noticed that they forgot to ask me??!!! What? A mercy invite..No, you don't mercy invite me to a Christmas party. Its just tells me the time is near the end for me and this organization. I found this interesting holiday party etiquette article, they should of read it!

I doubt they did.

Oh justin's birthday buffet was nice...A good number of people showed up and the right amount showed up for bowling. I bowled a 177,192,125, 122.. I start getting tired.

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jessica said...

your worst bowl was better than my best bowl....what the freak.