Monday, December 19, 2005

The Autobiography

For some reason I like reading autobiographies. I just think its cool to read about other people's life. I mean maybe I can relate to where they're coming from..ok its just my need to be nosy. There I said it. I was at a "Giant Book Sale" this weekend and I was sifting through the countless boring aisles of How To love those that don't love you books and The communism of Democracy type of books*I just made that up* and I came across A David Beckham book, now if you've lived under a rock or in The US you won't know who he is, which I find odd since the US isn't as big as the rest of the world. Becks, as he's so lovingly called is the most well known athlete in the world. Yes, more than Michael Jordan and even Tiger Woods, he-Becks, play this little game that Americans have failed to embrace so they call it soccer instead of Football, sorry I'm irritated on how centralized of a country we are. Its like if you're not american we don't care..the world has so much to offer...i'm sorry i can't write anymore because 1) i have forgot where i was going with this 2) and i'm too hungry to go on but more reason 1 than 2.

oh on a editor's note i plan on winning the lotto this week so i might be out of the office for a couple of days.. you know livin it up and all..

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jessica said...

thank god...finally. i need some sort of new cash flow...