Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I find it funny the things that people give each other for presents. I have a rich history of interesting gifts, I've been given a pair of pj's for Xmas from my ass hole step-father but he also got me a tool box( though that doesn't make up for him being a tool...no pun intended) I've gotten a VHS tape that I found out didn't work, along with a Betty bop wallet which I think I still have somewhere, in fact I might of used it briefly. Its rare that I get what I asked for and even when I do the person who gave it me to acts as if they don't like what I asked for?!

You're probably saying he's being stupid, OK, perhaps but I remember Christmas circa 1987 *I might be off a year or two* when my folks took me to walmart to pick out my present, it should be a win win situation for me right? Wrong! I picked a Nintendo game system, it was the last one on the shelf and I picked it up and took it to my cart. Man I was soo happy because I thought I was getting a Nintendo; I could see myself playing Mario all day the next day. Somehow, I don't know how they decided that the Nintendo wasn't right for me!? So they picked out this other system, it was a learning system called Socrates and it cost more than the stupid Nintendo! You know how bummed I was, that I fooled myself into thinking if I answered all the damn math questions with out missing one that I would unlock Double Dragon at the end of it..that never panned out but I did get really good at math..thanks Ma & Alex.

I feel a little bit sheepish bringing it up since I have contributed to one of those gifts that makes you scratch your head..I sold my bread maker two days ago to a very spirited lady off craigslist.
As we exchanged our final goodbyes she told me she was giving this as a present to her ex-boyfriend who she is still friendly with. I thought of the irony of it all, My whatever you wanna call it is contributing to yet another head scratching move...the lady seemed attached to this man and here she was buying him a bread maker, nothing says "I couldn't care less what you want" than giving a bread maker to a MAN. I get it now, It just took me a year to figure it out.

So I would like to apologize to that ex-boyfriend who will be getting my bread maker. I didn't do anything to deserve it but you must of been a real piece of work!

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