Monday, December 01, 2008

I don't know

I look at that picture, the one that your family has so kindly posted of you and your boyfriend ( saying it makes me a bit uneasy) makes me extremely sad. The heading over your group pic stings as well but I suppose that it is part of life, we don't mean as much to others as we think...I wish I could say I reacted in a positive way but who am I kidding, I'm emotionally charged and my logic takes a backseat at that point. It would be nice if I could I could just forget you and replace you like you're doing with me.

I don't know you anymore, I look at you and you're a stranger. There are hints of what I knew but those are just words that mean as much as our past.
One day this blog will consist of things that don't refer to you. One day I'll go through the day without whispering your name, one day my mind won't linger on the thought of you, One day you'll stop to matter, One day I'll stop wondering why you had to go, and one day I'll stop loving you. Soon that day will come.

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