Friday, November 21, 2008

There isn't a freckle I haven't named

I did my best to notice when the time was right and I'm formulating thoughts into words.
Forgive me if I'm forward in speaking about my heart but my intentions are pure.
I'm no longer weak and you're running out of time to speak.
Its time to know, Will you do what you say or will you let me go?

A future lays ahead for us regardless of what we do.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry that we don't live in a perfect story.
If I could I'd be a thief I'd change my stars to a Maple leaf.
I never wanted to say goodbye but wake up see you smile and whisper hi.

With every passing day my angst builds, this isn't a race it has its pace.
I use to think that I was lacking, I was coming up short but now I know that isn't the case.
I've jumped in, I've let go of the edge, could we be strangers by the end?

I know your looks, I know your smiles, I know your laughs, I know your kisses, and I knew your heart. I've noticed when you thought I didn't, I listened when you thought I couldn't, I've loved you when I thought I shouldn't. I know you...I know you. Don't hold that against me.

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