Sunday, November 16, 2008

Logic and reason

Its interesting that you those things (Logic and Reason) go hand and hand. If one is missing the other one lacks, like talking to a person that says they can relate to you but the can't really relate to me unless they're me..there's only one me.

After church today I stopped by lily park on my way home. What was suppose to be a short little stop but it ended up being a hour + stay. I just sat on the benches and stared at the fountain out in the middle of the pond. I stared at its simplicity, they way it only did one thing, shoot water up out of the lake. I listened to my Ipod and tried to let the world just pass me by. The single mom feeding the duck with her little tike, the elderly man teaching his grandson how to ride his bike....there was a collection of variety on hand today. It was peaceful to allow myself to just let everything go by.

I'm tired...I think I might just close my eyes and see what tomorrow brings.

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