Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What a year Its been, memorable in every which way. I know its not over but its pretty much barrelling to an end after this week. Its really amazing to think all that has happened up to now.

  • One of my bestfriend's got engaged on the very first day,

  • mmurill,GH and jb had their first kids this year,

  • Justin got a girlfriend

  • The cubs were good again and then they were bad again!

  • I voted for change and I finally felt like I was heard.

  • America was able to look past the shade of a man to find a new leader

  • I was reminded how great and amazing it is to have great friends.

  • I was reunited with all my family.

  • I spoke to the man who I called dad for 14 yrs again after 10yrs of silence.

  • I flew, I flew, and I flew again but I never got away from what I flew from.

  • I went home again...

  • I got a ticket and then 3 days later I got another one

  • I laughed more than I ever had before

  • I cried more than I ever have

  • I got fat and then lost a lot of it in weeks..

  • I put myself out there and everyone saw how vulnerable I can be.

  • I held a baby and It felt right.

  • I found myself while I was getting lost

  • I had amazing conversations with strangers on plane rides

  • I ran into people in planes, airports, and churches that I never expected to see.

  • I fell in love again this year.

  • My integrity was questioned and then my character answered those questions.

  • I spent a lot of money

  • I saw Alex say I do

  • I heard HER say I can't.

  • Though I thought I had given up on God, he hasn't given up on me.

Although some of it was bad and some of it was good, I'm giving thanks for all of it. Its not a perfect life but its my life, at least it was this year.

Eat turkey, drink wine, fall asleep, or whatever you do this time of year, just live in the moment.

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