Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For every sweet dream that my mind could see
there always seem to be a nice similarity
you were my sweet honey and I was your bumble bee
But no matter what it was, it always just about you and me.

I took your words for more than they were worth
cause I was sure that we'd love each other till we left this earth
for all we hoped and fought for, and our precious time
I kneeled down so I could ask If you'd always be mine.
I haven't been the same since that day in July
I would of loved you till the day that I die
Now when we talk, I fight the urge to cry
Because when I hear you say you love me, I know its just a lie.

So you should know If I had a choice I'd share my love and life.
When it came to you I'd always pick to be on your side
I'd hope you'd take my ring and you'd say you'd be my wife
But instead I'm calling you today to say that this is my last goodbye.

~By ME

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