Thursday, October 26, 2006

Its nice to have family

I recently was having a conversation with my mom about how things were going, you know how I'm holding up with my job search and with money. You can't lie to your mom so I went into how I'm frustrated and discouraged, its nice to hear that someone still believe that you can amount to something. I miss my family, just being around people that have know me my whole damn life and even though I've made mistakes they still love me the same. I think sometimes we forget that we're all capable of mistakes and we label people that have a lapse of judgment pieces of crap or horrible people. Thank God for family.
I like to think that family is more than just your real family but also friends but their are very few friends that turn the other cheek.. I've been fortunate to have good friends, at least I still think they're pretty good friends...I still talk to basically the same people I was talking to 7 yrs ago..I think that's really neat..Anyways I'm rambling..

I can't type anymore because my guns hurt..So I'm out for now..

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jessica said...

once upon a time there was this guy named lester, and he blogged. sometimes they were funny, sometimes they were angry, they rarely made any grammatical sense, they were frequently misspelled, but they were real. and i enjoyed them. where have you gone? i'm thinking of revoking our 7 year friendship. or 7 years minus one semester.