Thursday, October 19, 2006

Its about that Time.

SO apparently I haven't been missed since the lack of comments regarding my hiatus has been anything but dorminant. No matter, I read from time to time and I come across odd pieces of information for so called experts. Isaac Mizrahi apparently an expert in the fashion realm and according to him
"Fat is the new black. There is something incredibly sexy about it. Besides, people with a lot of muscle don't look good in clothes."

I guess I shouldn't lose weight, I'm more fashionable now then when I'm in shape?? Though this might sound absurd he did manage to give a good piece of advice- You may as well be gay if you're going to start coordinating outfits with your girlfriend!!! hahaha...

Moving along, since people like using stats to emphasis a point or make themselves credible I too will follow heed. I use to think being a democrat meant that I was less conservative but according to a survey by the John Birch Society found that on a scale of 1 to 100 ( 100 being most conservative) that republican senators were scaled at 24 while in the same survey democrat senators where scored at 29. I guess all those sex scandals sorta skew those numbers.

I would like to leave you with a website to check out..

What if?


Kendra said...

actually you have been missed on your blog! i think everyone's been bad about commenting (and sometimes blogging too) but i think we're all back now!!

tichaelmucker said...

Ok, so since I've been pretty busy wasting away to nothing, every morning I wake up more faux pas than the one before. Excellent. But as for muscles vs fashion I submit for Isaac's consideration the fine collection of quality menswear that is the International Male catalog!