Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I was looking to see when the last time I had posted a entry and it shocked me that I had been away for almost a month! WOW...
So what's going with me? Well, I'm in a transition right now balancing what I really want to do in life, I don't know really what to say about how its going other than its going. What else, Holly is coming in this weekend so I'm excited,happy,elated, etc...Its been 3 months since the last time I've seen her, I must be crazy to still be doing the long distance relationship but I think the other side to it is that I'm crazy about HAT. Oh, I've stopped shaving, I haven't shaved for 9 days, I can't say it looks great but it feels great so I guess its ok.

I watched Jackass 2 this past Friday and society is in trouble! I know it is because humor has been depleted to gross antics, I mean I laughed but then I felt dirty for watching it. Sorry, I just lost my train of thought I was watching The Hills and there's a breakup in progress. Its amazing, real life sometimes isn't as real as its suppose to be. I mean in this break up the girl had the most awesome lines- "I just can't do this anymore!", and "I'm done"...Then you fade in the catchy music in the background! Oh damn, I wish I had a an awesome song playing in the background when ever something monumental events in my life!

anyways I'm going to the pool and swim around!


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Anonymous said...

you and brandt can race for most facial hair, ever.

welcome back! i'm leaving a comment to encourage more posts!