Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Florida: Its harder to leave than you think!

SO Holly came to visit this weekend and I have no proof that she was here other than the fact that I stayed up all night everynight and I have a big smile on my face, that should be enough! Coincidentally Tichael Mucker was here visiting this same weekend. Holly left on Monday morning like she was suppose to and Mike tried, well he didn't try as much as he just sorta of let fly by...So his 2nd valiant attempt at leaving the "Great State of Florida" his attempt was thwarted by an undependable host that will remain anonymous, apparently sleep was more important. I hope Tical doesn't lose his job, however I don't think I've seen the last of him. Moving on to my life, what did exactly did I do this weekend. Well, after my weekly Friday meal with JDS & Latiak: we( Latiak,Tical,and JDS) went to the beach and acted like kids, you know we threw the Frisbee around, laid around like kids and sucked up the sun. I said hi to Jerry who was macking on Latiak but that's what young kids do! After all that commotion we ended up going to Greek Feast and feasted on some delightful Greek food...My mind was really just thinking about picking up my girl at Midnight so the next couple of hours were a blur. I must say that there isn't a better sight than seeing my beautiful gal come around the corner and greeting her with a nice big hug and kiss! So really everything else was gravy this weekend. There was some food,desserts, water fun, and quiet time.

oh, I can't go without mentioning that you should never ever go on a casino cruise ship unless its ultra classy and there's some great food offered on the boat. I wasted a perfect Saturday night on a boat three nautical miles off Cape Canervial this weekend and I didn't even like win any money!

Anyways that's all for now..

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