Sunday, November 12, 2006

It came to my attention

I was watching Grey's Anatomy recently, perhaps it was the episode that aired 3 weeks ago and there was this song on one of these segway's where Meredith is talking about how life is this or love is like this...Anyways the song is Fidelty by Regina Spektor. I really enjoy that song however I don't enjoy her. I saw her (R.Spektor) live last year, she opened for Keane at Hard Rock Live and I wanted to punch her and I don't support hitting women! I guess it really grinds my gears that the song is pleasant that I have to support her. In other news I guess K-fed's lottery ticket has ran out of cash, well at least he'll have to find another way to support his "I don't do a damn thing" lifestyle! Too bad K-fed, I was happy for ya but I guess everything has to run out, eventually! Stedman you better watch it dawg you might be next!

Well my weekend of Solitude is now officially over, the roomies are back and the silence has stopped. Till next time, I'm Les....And this is a bit of my mind.

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Mellie said...

Wait, I think I was at that Keane concert too and I hated her music. She was by herself with a keyboard, right? I'll have to hear the song, because you usually like good music and Grey's usually plays great music, and I'll probably like it too. But I was definitely not a supporter of her at that concert.