Monday, October 16, 2006

Juror E-23

So today was the day I did my civil duty for the "Great State of Florida", I went in for jury duty and didn't get picked so that means I've done my civic duty for this year...Though if chosen again I'll just move from the county and not deal with it again. I just sat on benches all day and listen about people's troubled past!!!! It was really messed up how slow the process is! So anyways, I stayed at the court from 8 till just past 5 with only a hour lunch break! I think I played on my phone and Ipod till the batteries went dead! Gosh, who knew it sucked that bad to be so civil oh and on top of that I got paid 15 dollars to do it! Yeah, I know..I already spent that on the gas that it cost me to get to the Court! I'm feeling a bit exasperated in that I haven't gotten any call backs on the jobs I"ve applied for! I'm going broke and no income coming in. Michele has like 4 jobs and I can't even get one..Well at least on that I love!

SO yeah...I'll post a video that I took of my Civic duty tomorrow...Its very patriotic, until then.


Kendra said...

how crazy... but today i was supposed to be on jury duty too but i had to postpone it b/c of my recruiting trip... how ironic huh?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time for you to move to Charlottesville...job waiting for you to speak spanish all day and sell big ass subs so people can blast out their eardrums...just say the word! --Lauri