Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So tell me...

I've been curious lately about one thing...men have a way of boasting, bragging if you will about stuff be it a sports team, how fast our cars can go, how many girls we've hooked up with, the list could go on. I've tried to ask holly about how women brag or what they brag about it? SO fes up, what do women brag about it?

Anyways i've been on a hiatus of late, I guess other people's life have been more exciting than mine.....i'm under some pressure..but latter on that.

I was just discussing with the guys about how elderly people will cat/dog food to be able afford their medication...man i hope i never resort to that. Anyways i'm just chillin like villian here at the house... hopefully this week won't suck..

Well Reality TV is about to rule the house and i'm out...big brother can kiss my arse..

This is a boring entry...i'm sorry i couldn't entertain... I think I need to be playing a game to be on my wittiest behavior.


Erin said...

we don't brag. we're more sly about our "bragging". it's called being catty, or so i hear. some of us just say it like it is and have few friends.

Kendra said...

what do i brag about? gosh, i'm not sure. nothing is coming to mind at the moment. i'll think about it and get back to you. ;)