Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pent up aggression.

So i'm coming to find out that i have some anger issues that i haven't address in, this has been more apparent to me as i play my xbox live games and i find myself getting angrier and angrier as i play?? Like i feel myself getting in a bad mood. I don't understand it, i'm usually a lucky free kind of guy. I know that an overdose of video games can corrupt your mind but yesterday during our trivia battle at the Ale House one the questions was "Playing video games in moderation can help increase hand-eye coordination!" Ladies and Gents thats a positive statement. I mean i've been playing video games since i was a wee little lad so i guess i have must have amazing hand-eye coordination! Right? Anyways i guess it was last night when i passed on picking up the phone that i knew i had a slight problem with this whole video game thing. Holly isn't too happy with me right now about it.. :)

Another thing i've noticed is that i've been snoring really bad lately???? What the hell is happening to me?

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Hol said...

Oh no...two things that i think I have a problem with. First off I hate video games...there is nothing positive that comes from them and secondly I am a little worried about the last comment. You've been snoring...gross...