Saturday, March 04, 2006

Real World: Key West

With every spring comes a new season of the show that started it all, Real World,Reality TV that really isn't that real. I love this show but its not normal to have six beautiful or good looking people in the same house. I lived in a house with 5 strangers, I mean we weren't all good looking but we were f-ing real. There was drama, there was laughter, and there was real good times. No I didn't get drunk and wake up on the front yard but that doesn't mean I didn't have quality T.V moments (i.e scooter)!
Anyways this season of real world brings a young good looking blonde ( I love blondes) Paula to the fold. Paula has a eating disorder, Mtv isn't even hiding it. I think its irresponsible of MTV to allow this girl to be on the show...and they let it happen because of the drama she'll bring to the show. Ironically they didn't know that the Hurricanes would be the cast member that really brought the drama.

WtF? How the hell are you going to have a bulemic cast member..I mean its not like she developed the problem on the show, they brought her in like that..Knowingly!!! I think they crossed the line..Its like putting a racist in a room with minorities, what do you think will happen.

Anyways that's just my thought.

Imogen Heap... good stuff..check it out.Trust me you'll like it.


Hol said...

Blondes??? I thought you were trying to convince me to go brunette? What is up with that???

Kendra said...

I couldn't agree more, they totally crossed the line but I'll still watch it of course and so will you.