Monday, March 20, 2006

· KK was here this weekend; for those who don’t know who KK is…hmm don’t know how to describe her other than saying she’s a fresh of new air with a Bang! Hahaha, we had a good time doing stuff. St.Patty’s day was a good time though I Jess had to go home as soon as I got there??? KK was enjoying the ol school music at the lodge “oh, oh, oh-sweet child of mine!”

· I had a great time in the Sauna at our pool house-it was four dudes and a girl in a box of heat!! I never knew sweating could be soo intensely hot (that’s hot with one T not two!)

· On the way home on Saturday night after a short lived game of Gestures between the New England Crew against the rest of the world, we stopped a red light; the car behind of us had a guy that really had to Pee, so he got out of his car and preceded to pee at the stop light!!! I couldn’t believe, not only do people stop at the side of road for a picnic here in florida but they also pee on at stoplights!

· I went to friendly’s for the first time ever last-night. I had a happy ending and it was $3.94! that’s right, a Happy Ending!

· Oh, one more thing be weary of texting your friends. I sent my friend Adam this text: “Sorry Dawg, Go Zags!.” Is that offensive? Not at all, but I got some redneck calling me back on his pre-paid phone asking me why I’m texting his wife? That’s some weird shit he says, I then explained to him what it meant and he started asking me all these questions…He threaten to kick my ass, to which after that point it got juvenile. Anyways it was a odd weekend. I was getting shit from everyone, even the old guy at Publix was being a dick, what a go Steve!!

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