Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cool they are not!

Well spring is just around the corner for us here in sunny Orlando and with the season’s change comes the hope of new love, hope, and aspirations (well at least that’s what I hear?)~ Author note: I was going to write about how I’m going to do this and that but I was just on the Gap homepage and I couldn’t let this one go. Check out the shorts that they have on sale!!! I don’t usually claim to know a lot about anything (that’s a lie I know a lot about everything!) but I do know that Jean shorts my friends are never cool! Let me repeat Jean shorts on guys are never cool, especially if they’re frayed or cutoffs. Come on les you can’t be serious right, you probably wore jean shorts-I would say to you yes I wore them and I yeah I think jean shorts deserve to die!! I have horrible pictures of me in 9th and 10th grade wearing them…ahhhh the agony!! I’m afraid only my close immediate family will ever see those pictures. Crap I lost my train of thought….
Friends don’t let friends wear Jean shorts that all I’ll say.

As well as socks with sandals!


The Whaling Wall said...

i'm gonna have to agree with you... really don't want to see this style make a come back.

Kendra said...

i guess i'm a little out of the loop on fashion b/c that's the first i've heard of that. not only do i not want to see you in those (no offense), i don't want to see any man in those... reminds me of some weirdo at AU that used to wander around in them... do you know who i'm talking about anyone?