Monday, November 30, 2009

Full and Heavy..

I had an internal victory. I sometimes have a uncontrollable urge to buy stuff, perhaps its because I grew up poor and never had shit. Come to think of it I know a lot of friends that had similar childhoods and they say the same thing. I know its not a scientific fact that if you're poor you're going to have a spending problem but it does make sense. Unfortunately this type of behavior will also cause you to be poor, hence a evil cycle begins again! Anyways that topic is for another time. A couple months ago I made a horrible mistake of buying a TV from a friend, it was cheap but this monstrosity is abnormally large and heavy(which is why its a monstrosity!!). At this moment it is the thorn to my side, It asthetically just ruins my living room. Instead of having a wonderful flat panel plasma hanging on the wall I have this beast eating up precious space. It works just fine and the picture isn't bad for a $100 tv. So now that you have a backstory I'll go ahead with the story. Black friday came and went, I didn't buy a tv not once but 3 times I talked myself out of buying what visual urges had me yearning for.

Why would I do that, you ask. Well I guess I'm acting like a grown ass man ( my favorite cliche) and acted responsible. Sure I could of bought it and it would of been fine but then I think about how silly it would be have this tv in my living room and then tell one of my best friends I can't come to their wedding because I'm watching my money on the wall instead of having a kick ass time in Scotland. So the tv will have to wait until at least after I finalize my travel arrangements.

Yes, yes, how responsible of me..well I rationalized another buy, a nice kenneth cole suit but at least I can wear it to wedding!

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