Monday, November 02, 2009

So there's 59 days left.

I mean not that anyone cares but I'm one of those people that goes to work and checks off the days like a crazy inmate serving time, I don't know what happens at the end, maybe unemployment.

I remember when I quit a job and I was like acting like I was going on summer break, I was literally so happy to be unemployed! Now I'd probably cry, I'd be pulling out whatever hair I had left and like saying eerie things in corner like " I did my best, I did my best!"

I'm soo weird, I always think I'm going to win the lotto..but its not good because I'll have these like inner turmoil about who I'm going to give money to and then I realize that I have a huge family and that perhaps 60 millions dollars won't be enough to take care of them. I get soo stressed about it that by the time the lotto drawings come out I'm praying that I didn't win.

Yeah, crazy. Its like the people that don't play the lotto till like its 100 million. I'll ask them why don't play any other time and they look at me like

"why would I bother on 20 million" ah, american's!

Anyways my co-workers are on edge, its amazing how much we hate our boss! Like one of my co-workers literally said that he had to fight going all black on her and he's black.

I guess I need to start working on my resume, I have that 2yr itch, where I'm feeling crazy and I need to go on summer break.

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