Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm not Jewish but it eerie how much my up bringing was based on the Jewish laws.
I wasn't allowed to eat pork, every Friday at sundown I had to turn off the tv and celebrate the sabbath. We went to church on Saturday's and we didn't go out to eat or pay for on sabbath. I remember waiting till Saturday night and then we go do stuff. I loved and hated the winter's. Sundown was at 5p but then it was over by 5p the next day. Oh, we gave 10% of your money back to church.. Now I know I didn't go synagogue or go to Hebrew school but I did go to a christian school where this lifestyle was reinforced so If we're being real I'm a pseudo Jew. To top it off I kept on being told about how I was going to persecuted for my beliefs,that's right just like the Jewish followers were! Kinda weird!

Growing up I never knew why so many people fought about religion, race, money...we start with nothing and when we die we go the same way we came. Race, that's a mystery to me, who really cares what color you are if you're mind,heart, and soul are kind. Which leads me to religion, I think we're reading the same book, believing in the same thing we just have different versions and names for the characters. I believe in God, you might believe in Allah..They might as well be the same person since they teach same thing.

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