Monday, November 13, 2006

My new hobby

As of late I've had too much damn time on my hands, I'm really working on resolving that situation, so I've been re-watching movies that made me laugh in a foreign title. This past Saturday night I watched The 40-yr old Virgin in French/Spanish. I can't tell you how hard I laughed when they were talking about dirty things in French...I guess it just sounded more dirty in French. I wonder if other things would be funnier in a different light. For instance would a gay lester be funnier or more enjoyable than a straight lester? Hmmm...probably not because I would just make inappropriate comments and make people more uncomfortable than I already do. So lets just squash that idea all together....

SO anyways today I thinking that I wonder how much I could get for everything in my room..and I mean everything. I would call it "I'm getting the F out here sale", or "I'm soo broke that I have to sell my clothes to strangers sale" ok I think I like the first sale. Anyways, I forgot to say happy birthday to KK. So happy birthday.

oh one more thing..suziqbea...doing a 100 things about me defeats the purpose of saying that only a few people know me...thanks for undermining a 7yr friendship...that just happened.

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