Monday, November 27, 2006


So I started my little part time job last week but I didn't really experience the full blown holiday season till this past Friday aka black friday aka why did I wake up so early to save 15% on these jeans? So there I was just folding clothes and then this gal started asking me if I spoke Spanish, I eagerly said yes I was thinking that perhaps she wanted to just talk while we folded the jeans into little folds! Nope, apparently this girl,who will remain nameless, loves telling her sexual encounters to strangers. That day she violated all sexual harassment policies, I mean every single one. When she wasn't talking about how much she loved having sex she was walking into the dressing rooms without knocking and staring at the guys packages to see...Well you know! I listened to her for 7 hrs, just going on and on about the dumbest things you can imagine. Who knew retail could be uncompromising? Oh well, I guess I could report her but then she'd know it was me!

I hope this holiday season goes by fast, because honestly I hate this time of year..I get nothing but stress from it.

hope everyone ate a lot and gained a couple of pounds.
Till next time..

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