Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A stranger with Candy

As I was getting ready to go to bed at 1:30 this morning I saw that "Strangers with Candy" was airing next, there was like 5 shows they were playing back to back. I recorded them for my viewing pleasure! It was a treat! Amy Sedaris is freaking hilarious. I mean the dialogue is genius and totally not politically correct but neither is most of America, which makes for some great moments, but what really gets me is how ugly she is! Amy Cedric isn't ugly but Gerri Blanke is.
See, that's what she looks like during the show! Which bring me to my next point. Its hard for good looking people to be really funny. I mean not just "that person is really funny kind of funny" but funny that they make a living being funny. Its a hard niche and being good looking doesn't help in the comedy business. Can you name one good looking comedian!! Let me see, I can't think of one right now and Jennifer anniston doesn't count. She's an actress, she doesn't tell jokes. For those of you that will bring up her stint on the short lived show, The Edge.

Well I hope this was at least entertaining. Just for those who where wondering what I didn't last night and i know theres some of you out there they were wondering, I spent 2 hours at Burlington Coat Factory just being amazed how much cheap stuff they had...It was like a hidden treasure. I mean its ghetto, but ghetto Fabulous!

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