Friday, February 24, 2006

~I sometimes find myself asking where did the past 4 years of my life go? Its hard to comprehend how fast time flys, I blink and its gone. I sometimes would like to save moments in my life in a jar and open that bad boy later on life so I can truly enjoy it. I wish I could say that I have taken all the opportunities that have been given to me but then again I wish I could of re-live my life again, perhaps not necessarily to change things but to enjoy them more, experiences, friendships, and yes knowledge as well. Somewhere there's a epic song playing as I'm writing this, in my head this entry happens to be so heartfelt and perhaps introspective..Ignorance is bliss. I should be sleeping but I can't seem to let my eyes close..

~Things aren't always as they're suppose to be if they where I would never have anything write about. Its odd the most important things in life we have no choice in, our family, our looks, and who will fall in love with along the way.

~I had an idea today for a movie plot, it seemed so "fetch" in my head, the plot was tight,the characters had good range, and the climax was epic. I explained it to David and it didn't make any damn sense and it had already been done before too!

~Who ever said that car shopping was fun is a damn fool, most of us don't drive cars we love but cars we can afford. Sure I'm sure there are some of you who love Honda Civics or perhaps the occasional domestic treat. Why can't a Porsche be a affordable car

~I wonder what the cool people from high school are doing now?

~Why am I still up writing this????????????

Currently listening to Clocks...coldplay in a week or so..


after reading this entry, i realized i should of been in bed hours ago.


jessica said...

i LOVE my saturn....

Mellie said...

Nice advertising for the car you're trying to sell because you "love" it so much. :)

jessica said...

hahahahaha....! did i mention it has a SPOILER? (and air conditioning and anti-lock brakes and an alarm system...)

Anonymous said...

Jess you forgot to explain that your brakes DON'T WORK!!!!

jessica said...

ANONYMOUS?! chicken.

Hol said... better watch out!!! I couldn't remember my password. And your brakes don't WORK!!!!!