Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas shopping, hopping, hoping, and coping!

I've been busy lately, a good busy-i've been working two jobs during the holiday season and its been kicking my ass yo! 7:30 hrs in the morning and then another 5 at night..I don't even have time to eat because i'm so tired during lunch that i just take a nap instead...i know..thats bad. Ok, not really but I have been losing some lbs so i can't be all that mad. So yeah, i hate holiday shopping because it freakin suck and stressful but I was watching SNL the other day and they gave me a great idea for a gift. Its free ,its personal, and no one else will be getting this exact gift so you don't have to worry about orginality!Its a gift in a box! Yeah, I know guys, genius! So anyways I've been doing that and entertaining family for the past couple of days, which is always fun...not really I think at the end i was wanting to hide. What else, 3 days till christmas and I'm gonna be alone this weekend, cb is home in GR, Ellis is never home but he's going back Lansing, JD is off today to Columbus, colon is being all homey right now, I guess RHB is around but i have to work all weekend! I have to get to dollar bills ya and all that good stuff.
I'm so glad that i don't have to go in to my morning job today because i didn't get a wink of sleep lastnight, i mean i even put those little cover up over my eyes to get some sleepy time but i was still up so i starting my clothes on because i was afraid that they wouldn't fit?? WTF, who does that? Seriously, who does that.

I got a email from someone today that i don't know, helen, she sent me a season greetings email
Just checking in folks to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. As always we will miss you. We had a lot of wonderful times together .

Enjoy and love you lots.

apparently we had shared some good times!? Thanks Helen.
For those that i know that they know that we've had good times- I wish you a merry christmas, and happy new year. I hope you get what you asked for even if you don't deserve it...I love you all and miss most of you, haha..i kid..i don't miss snap!

Not so random shout out-

Erin B- whats up girl, when are you coming back? I'd like to see how comfortable you are around's the freelance life?
Mandy- Its was great that you ran into me at the GAP as i worked under a alias, you've seen me at my retail best!
Kendra _? I don't remember your new last name- how's married life, its amazing you'll be sharing your first christmas this year with your new were one of the prime single gals that i couldn't understand why no one had plucked you away and sealed the deal, I guess i can't say that anymore, Damn!
Ticalmucker- Whatta up playa? I hope you have a great holiday season chillin with the fam. I'm looking forward to perhaps a great story. Our boy finally got some cojones and made his feelings know!
JColon- I love you and i will always love you..i hope that made you incredibly uncomfortable.
Mellie and Dave- Good luck in MIchigan...i hear it sucks up there right now..haha
CB-bring me back something good from MI
Hol-I love you girl..come and see me!
Les- stop writing these dang shout outs!


tichaelmucker said...

Glad to see your post didn't get eaten by the clever Firefox with his voracious appetite! Thanks for the shout-out, I'll see what I can do about a good story for you. It will probably be 100% made-up, though. Have the Felizest Navidad possible, amigo. And by that of course I mean F--K CHRISTMAS.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out lester!! it's "devi" BTW and we had a great 1st christmas! i hope you had a wonderful christmas and happy new years! i think your resolution should be to blog more!! ;)

ps: i love your shout outs!!